Meet Maxine Hartranft Image

Maxine Hartranft is the new Program Manager for Consumer Direct (CDAZ) and Covenant Consumer Direct (CCD). 

Maxine has been with CDAZ since 2013 in various back office positions, providing organization and support statewide. She has worked extensively on aligning back office operations with payer requirements, helping to ensure payment. She is excited to take on this position and work with the amazing CDAZ and CCD staff to serve consumers and caregivers.

Maxine is a Tucson native and Pima College graduate. She has over 5 years of health care experience, having worked in the area of durable medical equipment and multi-physician private practice. In Maxine’s free time she loves to go camping and boating at the lake with her family and friends.

Maxine can be reached at 520-398-8409 or