Consumer Direct is one of the agencies available to Arizonans who qualify for the Arizona Medicaid Consumer Directed Personal Care Services Program. This allows for Medicaid recipients who need in-home health maintenance support to choose a provider agency to help them hire, train and schedule their caregivers.

We can assist you by providing training for you and your caregiver, and to help you maintain program compliance. We also serve as the fiscal intermediary and can help you with burdensome paperwork including processing your caregiver’s timesheets, withholding payroll taxes, and processing payroll.

Consumer Direct Personal Care strives to provide superior customer service and has helped thousands of people like you succeed in self-directing your own care so that you can remain independent in your own home.


What Makes Us Unique


We believe in person-centered planning.


We have local offices staffed by local employees.


We provide in-home community services.


97% approval rating according to customers.